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IQF Fish Fillets & Shatterpacks (slabs)

Tinned & Jarred Soups

4.54kg 8-10 Cod Flt TINNED SOUPS
4.54kg 8-10 Haddock Flt Crab Bisque
4.54kg 8-10 Plaice Flt Clam Chowder
Coley Flt Seafood Combo
1kg Monk Fish Bouillabaisse
1kg Red Mullet Flt Lobster Bisque
1 kg Whole Sardiines Lobster Thermidor
454g Individually Frozen Whitebait JAR SOUPS
  Fish Soup
  Crab Soup
  Lobster Soup

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We have an extensive range of stock that changes throughout the season, please use our contact form if you require an item that isn't listed; or give us a call.

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