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Peeled and Shell - on Prawn Range

Scampi Range

500g Luxury Icelandic Peeled Prawns 454g W/Tail Scampi
2.5kg Royal Greenland 444 Peeled Prawns 454g Ocean Catch W/T Scampi
5kg 90-120 Shell on Prawns 454g W/T Battered Scampi
446g Royal Greenland Peeled Prawns 1k Box Whole Scampi

Clams and Scallop Products

1kg Wholeshell Clams  
1kg 1/2 Shell Clams  
1kg King Scallops  
500g Queen Scallops  

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Our Product Guide

We have an extensive range of stock that changes throughout the season, please use our contact form if you require an item that isn't listed; or give us a call.

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