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King and Tiger Prawn Range

Coated Fish Products

1kg 20-30 Cooked Crevettes 454g Breaded Lemon Sole Goujons
1kg 30-40 Cooked Crevettes 454g Breaded Plaice Goujons
1kg 21-30 Whole Black Tiger Prawns 170g Breaded Seafood Platter
1kg 16-20 Whole Black Tiger Prawns 454g Coated Blanchbait
1kg 31-40 Raw, Peeled & De-veined Tiger Pra. 500g Battered Squid Rings
908g 16-20 Head off, tail on King Prawns 260g Crispy Seafood Medley
1kg Cooked and Peeled King Prawns

IQF Fish Steaks

1kg Breaded B'fly King Prawns 8-10oz Tuna Steaks
500g King Prawn in Filo Pastry 8-10oz Halibut Steaks
500g Tempura Battered King Prawns 8-10oz Swordfish Steaks

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Our Product Guide

We have an extensive range of stock that changes throughout the season, please use our contact form if you require an item that isn't listed; or give us a call.

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