Catch of the Day

Like all Vitos, his van boasts an impressive arsenal of standard safety equipment, including traction control, ABS anti-lock brakes with Brake Assist and electronic brake force distribution, and the latest Adaptive Electronic Stability Program®. It also came with a marketleading, unlimited mileage, three-year, warranty.

“I love my Vito,” says Alan. “It’s economical to operate but also a real pleasure to drive, comfortable and quick of the mark when you need it to be. I’d sooner drive the Vito Sport than my own car.”

With an optional Bluetooth connection in his Vito, Alan is never more than a phone call away as he heads for his first delivery of the day, The Waterfront restaurant in Kessingland. Here, customer David Wall is provided with a printout recording the temperature in the van’s chiller unit, along with the date and time of delivery, the registration number of the vehicle and the name of the driver.

“This complies with the latest hygiene regulation and covers me and the customer if the public health inspector comes knocking,” says Alan, who is soon on his way, after netting himself another satisfied customer.

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