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Alan has passed his passion for fish on to son Bryan, who now works alongside him. Together with assistant Marco Stuart Daniell, they enjoy the support of a loyal band of customers.

The trio work tirelessly to prepare the shop counter with a sparkling display of more than 40 different types of fresh fish and shellfish, including many exotic and unusual species. Fish arrives daily from ports across the UK and Europe; the shop also sells a wide range of frozen and smoked fish as well as various sauces, herbs and oils used in the preparation of dishes.

Itís a dazzling display thatís an obvious source of pride to Alan, who claims to offer probably the largest selection of fish in East Anglia. But Alan also has another reason for wanting to get up so early Ė an equally dazzling Mercedes-Benz van that heís now using to deliver his fish to restaurants, public houses and caterers across a substantial part of Suffolk.

Normally, operators like Alan, whose products must be distributed in temperature-controlled conditions, have to buy standard vans then send them to third-party specialists for conversion. Mercedes-Benz, however, provides off-the-shelf alternatives in the form of a Freezer or Chiller model based on its range of Vito vans. Chiller models are designed to maintain temperatures at between +12oC and OoC, while the Freezer version will go as low as -20oC.

Alan opted for a Long-bodied Vito 115CDI Sport Chiller, which was supplied by Orwell Truck & Van, Norwich. It came direct from the factory with an insulated body and a roofmounted Kertner refrigeration unit that blends smoothly and aerodynamically with the roofline to give a clean, stylish appearance. The body is both innovative and practical, including highefficiency, fully moulded insulation with very low thermal loss characteristics and a unique system ensuring free and easy opening of all door by venting internal pressure.
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