World of Fish

Just off the A12 before you get into Lowestoft proper you will find Alan & Brian Snow, father and son, with one of the best displays of seafood in the area. I spent a good hour inspecting a whole host of seafood from home and abroad. 'I love seafood,' enthuses Alan, 'there is such a wealth of choice if you only look. We are in the business to promote fish as a healthy, but exciting, thing to eat and enjoy.'

I particularly enjoyed my time with Alan & Brian as I adore the stuff and can't get enough of it. The Snows operate from a unit which also encompasses Dan Eastwood's wholesale supplies (crystal Waters), from where Alan buys his home-smoked seafood. 'I buy fresh from all over the place including Lowestoft for Cod, Billingsgate and Grimsby to ensure quality and variety.' Says Alan.

Alan's background is in fish. Before he started in Lowestoft he worked worked for other traders and had a mobile door-to-door business. 'I just felt I wanted to do it for myself and

make my own decisions.' The result is a vibrant and busy shop heaving with all sorts of tempting seafood. Apart from the standard local fish such as cod and haddock, you can almost always get fresh-farmed salmon, monkfish (remember when the fishermen used to throw them back in the sea?), skate (big lovely wings, poach them and serve with black butter and lemon juice), seabass (locally caught) (fast fry fillets in butter and sunflower oil). Cromer crabs ready dressed and delicious are available in season. Sea Bream is available, a meaty tender fish cooked whole or filleted.

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