World of Fish

The dynamic duo have done it again. Following last year's stunning display on these pages of the 'Fruits of The Sea', Alan and Brian Snow, the father and son team from Lowestoft have come up with a stunning display of colourful and really tempting seafood to reflect the great choice we still have in this country.

We have a field day with this tantalising array of fish. Paul Flowerdew, the Head Chef at Ufford Park arranged the seafood in such a way that they looked as if they would jump off the mirror. My eye was on the scallps particularly (just fry them in butter and serve with fresh lemon), and lobster, a really festive treat with champagne of course.

Just eat the lobster with good mayo and a decent loaf of bread. If you like mussels, buy a bucket full and indulge. Find a recipe for moules mariniere, keep it simple.

Alan and Brian do a tasty range of smoked fish and old favourites like cockles and whelks too. 'I dream about seafood, in fact I live and breathe it' enthuses Alan. 'We are all eating more of the stuff and on a regular basis. No longer are we restricted in our choice either. There is a huge demand for more unusual fish.'

Go to their unit on the South Lowestoft Industrial Estate and you will be delighted with what you see. Anything from razor clams to the ever popular skate wings. All these yummy things sit together, beautifully arranged shouting at you to buy them. 'We feature as much locally caught fish as possible,' says Brian, 'like cod, haddock, seabass, etc as well as much more exotic varieties'.

World of Fish is worth the trip, and they will
even pack the fish in ice for your journey.

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