World of Fish - Fish


Alan Snow (father) and Bryan Snow (son) set up this appropiately named fresh fish business about 2 years ago, close to the A12, south of the town.

They operate from a unit, their display is awesome, L-shaped and representing much of the world's fish. Ice is everywhere, eyes shine, skin glistens...I'm talking about the fish!

'I like huge platter of shellfish' enthuses Brian, ' all manner of prawns, cockles, winkles, mussels, langoustine and the rest. We have had blue shark, grouper, grey mullet and red snapper, it all depends on availability'.

The mainstream fresh fish abound here too. Cod is squeaky, salmon bright and plump, mackerel huge and well fed.

Brian's Tip...
Try and keep fresh fish below 5 deg C, and remember fish will keep a few days and still be really good if kept cool.

Alan's Motto ... If it swims, we get it.
Mark's Cooking Tip ...
Keep it simple.


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